Kakei(Vicky) Chong is a graphic designer from Macau with an in-depth marketing background and currently pursuing her master's degree at the School of Visual Arts. She enjoys music, beaches, travel, and of course, shopping.

Vicky starts her deign journey during Sophomore year in college, where she co-founded an Asian Entrepreneur Club—aiming to help business students connecting with local startups. She was in charge of the club's identity and lately leaned into a professional design study. With honor, the club is still one of the most influential organizations at school and has been helping more than 200 people find job connections each year.

As a designer, Vicky believes in making a change thru design and voicing for the unawareness. During her graduate school, "Reward Performer" is an award-winning campaign that brings up the tipping issue caused by the technology era. It successfully encourages the tipping culture in NYC.

Besides, the project –"Stamp for Art" was also featured by PrintMag when the U.S. Postal Service's political attacks happened during the 2020's pandemic. The project became a strong urge to vote for a change in the 2020 Presidential election.

Vicky cares about society and the under-awared population. Design is her superpower to make a change to the world.

She is open to freelance work and would love to collaborate with teams/talents. Feel free to buzz her at oh.vickychong@gmail.com

Award & Press:
Young Ones ADC Finalist- Design for Good (2020),
PrintMag- Design Inspiration (2020),
K11 Mall Exhibition -Inspiring Infinity(2019)