Behinnd the Hoodie is a layered art installation that brings awareness to the stereotype on hoodie wearers.

BRAD:“I believe that everybody wants to express themselves in different ways. If someone feels that a hoodie is comfortable, and if it expresses an image they want to show for themselves, nobody has the right to judge them for wearing that. We don’t judge people wearing a skirt, or people having short or long hair, and a hoodie is the same way.”

SELINA:“The first thing I reach for in the closet on a cold winter morning would be my hoodie. It brings me the comfort and warmth I need to walk out of the house for a cup of coffee. It hides the fact that I probably haven’t worn my bra, haven’t showered yet, and matches perfectly well with my sweatpants. We all have those mornings, haha.”

EDDIE:“Stereotypes? Nah, hoodies are just hoodies, at least in LA area. It’s very common that people in the creative industry wear hoodies frequently. I wouldn’t relate wearing hoodies to any dangerous actions.”

ESTEBAN:“I love wearing hoodies, they are comfortable, but I just never put on the hood. Because in Colombia, if people see you putting on your hood, they would RUN!”          

“If you have nothing to hide, why would you cover yourself?”


Eddie, Esteban, Selina and Brad are hoodie wearers, who are passionate to support the cause of this project. During the photo session with them, they showed their fun and affluent life experiences and personalities, which cannot be recognized if people are biased towards the look of their hoodie outfit.