Reward Perfomers

*Young Ones ADC 2020- Design for Good
Reward performers is a non-profit campaign aims to help street performers to support their income resources through performance.

Thanks to the technology advancement, we changed from cash to mobile payment. It’s undoubtedly convenient to many of us going out with a phone, yet, street performers might lose their potential tips because audiences don’t carry cash with them.
The signage is designed with catchy illustrations, also allows performers to attach their QR code of payment apps. Audiences can then scan the QR code and tip the performers within seconds. 

Till today, I regularly contact performers and deliver the signage to them in person. From performers' feedback, they’ve been receiving on average $30 extra daily by using the sign.


By walking among different large subway stations, my observations showed that the younger performers follow the payment trend more closely than the older ones, and there are indeed earnings from the digital payment, making them use the sign continuously.

I further contacted @trainofthoughtnyc thru instagram, who shoots documentaries for subway performers regularly and has close contact with them. I found that performers in NYC faced the problem of missing tips because of the lack of payment adoption.
Photo Credit: @trainofthoughtnyc


Signage’s ability to attract attention and portability are the most important attributes for performers.

Performers are known for their talent of different instruments and skillfulness, I then explored and developed different shapes to demonstrate their skills.


At the first few deliveries, I brought the signage to them directly without printing the QR code for them. I realized that many of them hesitated to use the signage due to the lack of understanding on QR code. 

Afterwards, I started contacting them ahead, printed out their QR codes and attached them on the signage. The delivery of this project is always surprising. I was complimented with hugs, tears, or sometimes a delightful song.