Sonara Sound is a sound-experience space in Soho, NYC. Walking into the space, there are four blank walls. At first glance, it feels like an empty room, but it is within this space where the “magical” events happen.

With my knowledge and belief of the magic of sound healing, I decided to tell the story of Sonara Sound. I believe a better branding visualization will present the concept of sound healing to a wider community.

Within the space, we ride on the sound journey with body movement and invisible sound waves. The sets of patterns generated by simple lines articulate the invisibilities and infinite possibilities inside the space. The infinite creation of the pattern can be further used as the projecting elements, which holds the branding identity and experience as a whole.

In addition, the choice of color aims to showcase the glowing pattern in the dark, strongly reflecting the concept of Sonara and amplifying its dynamic pattern. The applications aim to make the brand ownable and connected to the guests, relate the water bottle to the idea of space, and allow guests to feel immersed with the yoga mat.

To keep the experience throughout the whole branding, the digital presence also serves an important role. The website was designed with visual elements and photographs, which allow users to perceive the concept of sound space at a glance. Functionality wise, it allows users to find Sonara’s class schedule on the “schedule” tab and reserve their spots in the class.