Vicky Chong is a designer at Buck. She loves designing for brands that resonate with people or involve music in any way — hit up for freelance and opportunity.

The One Club 2020
PrintMag 2020
MindSparkle Mag / 1 2020
MindSparkle Mag / 2 2020

MFA Design, SVA in New York 2021
BBA, USF in San Francisco 2016

UCDA Design Awards 2021
Award 360° 2020
Young Ones ADC Merit / 1 2020
Young Ones ADC Merit / 2 2020
SVA Alumni Awards 2021

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Street Jukebox
Brand Strategy, Branding, UI/UX
Street Jukebox is a song-requesting platform that invites audiences’ participation in the street performance. We believe street performers are the soul of the city, and audiences drive on the unceasing show. Our goal is to help street performers sustain their income and exposure by increasing audience participation.

(Illustration by Choche Ezekiel Hurtado)
Stamp for Art
Print, Research, Illustration
The set of designed stamp embraces the quintessential creation and typographic style of historical design movements. It aims to bring up attention to the designs' importance and influences.

With an affluent design history, stamp serves as a significant era carrier. It encompasses former visual elements, the stylistic themes with deliberate proportion and color usage to deliver the rich message and historical background in such a 'miniature'.
Print, Research, Illustration
Worked with team (Rose Sacktor and Michelle Lamont) at Wieden + Kennedy, we came up with the package design for AVEC’s product launch campaign.

AVEC means “with” in French. Our products are made specifically to be mixed with. With alcohol. With friends. With feelings/ fun. AVEC is about updating the revelry and decadence of the 1920s with the progressive and diverse spirit of 2020.
Sonara Sound
Sonara Sound is a sound-experience space in Soho, NYC. Walking into the space, there are four blank walls. At first glance, it feels like an empty room, but it is within this space where the “magical” events happen.
New Light
Motion Graphic
New Light is a music animation, which was inspired by the lyrics of John Mayer and the carrot has been sitting in my kitchen for months.
Digital Monster
Poster, Animation, Illustration
The poster series was created by a group of four designers (Bill Chien, Chaoqun Wang, Eunji Kim). We aim to illustrate the addictiveness and perniciousness of social networking platforms; through alternating the standard of beauty, to polarizing opinions and other ways of manipulating human behaviors for profit, we hope to bring awareness about the incursion of data mining and manipulative techniques into our lives.
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